Dragon’s Lair for XBLA! With a Secret!

It’s official – Dragon’s Lair is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade from Microsoft Studios and Digital Leisure. What you might not know is that the game is going to be the first XBLA game EVAR to support both Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller. That’s right, you can control Dragon’s Lair the old fashioned way with your controller, but for an all new Dragon’s Lair experience, you can use Kinect. You can see the Kinect motion hint in the screen shot. Click Read More to check out some screenshots!


Dragon’s Lair for XBLA  is a super rad title that adds a whole new level to the Don-Bluth-animated, dragon-fighting, disc-dropping, ball-avoiding, Dirk-the-Daring-killing experience we’ve loved for years. We’re super proud to be able to provide another platform everyone to enjoy Dragon’s Lair on. (For those of you keeping track, XBLA will be platform SIXTY-SIX for the game that started in arcades back in 1983.) Enjoy the screenshots below and stay tuned for more Dragon’s Lair news posting soon!!!

UPDATE: We’ve been informed by reliable sources (aka, The Internet) that Burnout: Crash for XBLA, from our friends at Electronic Arts and Criterion Games , was the first XBLA game to include both Kinect and controller support. We regret the error and have sent our fact checker to Microsoft Building 7 to get a left handed edition of PowerPoint.





  • http://twitter.com/ilRadd ilRadd

    Brings back memories!

  • http://eugaet.myopenid.com/ eugaet

    Dragon’s Lair w/ Kinect controls? [adds to want list]
    I remember the crowds this game drew when it first hit the arcades. Memories, indeed!

  • XBLA_Alex

    I LOVE this game…. 83 is a good year….. Just saying

    • Anonymous

      83 is good but its no 84. ^_^

      • http://twitter.com/Azazel_Hellion3 Matthew McLean

        1982 was the year! 1982 was the year of awesome!

    • Anonymous

      83 was a fantastic year, I could only wonder why……

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.dimartino Joe DiMartino

    Looking fwd to this

  • Anonymous

    Heck yeah! this is awesome. It has been a very long time since I last played this.

  • http://twitter.com/sansglu10 sans gluten

    Awesome news – love that next to last screen shot.

  • Anonymous

    “What you might not know is that the game is going to be the first XBLA game EVAR to support both Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller.”

    Wasn’t that last year’s Burnout: Crash? It supported both.

  • Anonymous

    Screenshots as BMP! You gotta be kidding!!

    • Anonymous

      56K No!

      We don’t want to lose any of the detail in these classic shots! :)

  • http://twitter.com/Azazel_Hellion3 Matthew McLean

    I have to see how this will work with Kinect, but I still prefer the old arcade stick.

    I do have to say, this is the one game I have purchased multiple times over a lifetime. Now just get that old Dragon’s Lair cartoon on Zune and I’ll get my Pac-Man cereal and pretend I’m 10 years old again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Martin-Touhey/1490157107 Martin Touhey

    Inside the Dragon’s Lair is a documentary that is in production right now. Fans should check out the teaser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB9jgRpy9KE

  • Chappy66

    I remember buying a 1mb memory expansion pack to play this on my Amiga 500

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