Crimson Dragon Side Story For Windows Phone Launching September 12th!

Set on the mysterious planet Draco, Crimson Dragon: Side Story is a side scrolling shooter in which you control dragons to defeat your enemies. Touch interface controls to pilot your dragon and target enemies is a perfect match for your Windows Phone! Breed new controllable dragons, level up through repeated play, and choose from more than 170 skills to customize their attacks. Begin your journey on Draco today! Click Read More to check out gameplay features and screenshot gallery!




We are excited to announce that Crimson Dragon: Side Story is launching on Windows Phone September 12th!  The Crimson Dragon franchise is important to us and we’re doubling down on the series. Enjoy Crimson Dragon: Side Story and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Game Features:

• In Story Mode, take control of Sana and her dragon White Reaver as they are sent on a special mission revolving around the mysterious pandemic called “Crimonscale Disease”.
• In Mission Mode, the player faces a variety of situations such as high difficulty stages and continuous boss battles, competing for high scores while collecting powerful skills.
• Over 170 Skills are available to be unlocked in-game, and the unlocked skills can be “awakened” in the dragon by using “jewels”. The more powerful the skill, the more jewels are required for awakening.
• Jewels are available not only through the gameplay, but also can be obtained using a location service based on calculation of the distance a player traveled per day in the real world. Additional jewels are also available for purchase. Enter a world dominated by dragons


Screenshot Gallery: 

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Buster Wolf

    Looks nice, and at least ONE game with “Crimson Dragon” in the title has a release date! Really would like some information on the XBLA version, we still don’t really know the background behind the delay.

    But yes, being a big Panzer Dragoon fan this will get played by me. Trailled at the very least.

    “Additional jewels are also available for purchase.”


  • Jamie

    With this coming out that must mean Crimson Dragon for XBLA will be out soon too! Right?..

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the full XBLA version will get a release date soon. This sounds interesting, but unless it’s a secret announcement coming later, it seems like a missed opportunity to not have some sort of link between the two games, similar to the Fable coin transfer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryo.saeba.1441 Ryo Saeba

    Make a disc retail edition of Crimson Dragon for Xbox360!

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