Community Spotlight: The Sarah Gordon Edition!

Every Tuesday you can expect either a blog post from one of the rad PlayXBLA followers or a spotlight on who they are! Today’s spotlight is an interview featuring the one of a kind Miss Sarah Gordon ! Click Read More to find out what her favorite PlayXBLA feature is, what keeps her coming back for more, and how to use duct tape ! 


PlayXBLA: How would you like to be referred to? Your IRL name or Your Gamer Tag?

Vball: Sarah Gordon or Vball is what most people call me.

PlayXBLA: What are you known as on XBL?




Vball:  VballChick PMS






PlayXBLA: What was the first XBLA game you ever played?

Vball: I believe it was UNO!

PlayXBLA: What’s your favorite feature on PlayXBLA?

Vball: I like the pic of the day feature, because it gives everyone a chance to get a really cool game code while being witty and sarcastic!

PlayXBLA: Time To Get Real…. You Ready?

Vball: OBV! I’m always ready! Are YOU ready?

PlayXBLA: One Thing You Want To Do Before You Die?

Vball: Only one? Hmm, I think that would have to be skydiving. I’ve always wanted to try that!

PlayXBLA: Favorite Toothpaste?

Vball:  Crest 3D White Vivid Radiant Mint duh!

PlayXBLA: Choose Five Words That Best Describe You

Vball:  ”I am really freakin awesome”

 PlayXBLA: What are Your Talents?

Vball: I can play music by ear, own at any sport, and I’m a pro facebook stalker.

PlayXBLA: What Is On Your Perfect Pizza?

Vball: I like just pineapple or just cheese on my pizza, but I MUST have garlic sauce to dip it in!

PlayXBLA: Will You Buy Me a Pony?

Vball: YES!, but only if you let me borrow it on the weekends.


PlayXBLA: How Many People Have You Duct Taped To The Hood Of A Car?


Vball: I may or may not have ducktaped someone to the hood of their car at a video tournament, but I must plead the 5th.

* Editors Note: BUSTED! That’s totally you in the top right side of this photo!


PlayXBLA: Parting Words Of Wisdom?

Vball:  Don’t eat the yellow snow! Oh and if you want you can follow me on twitter @vballchickpms :)


Many thanks to Sarah “Vball” Gordon for taking the time to answer some questions for this weeks PlayXBLA Community Spotlight!

Anyone interested in becoming a part of our community spotlight can shoot an email request to PlayXBLA@microsoft.com or click the Contact Us tab at the top of the screen!

  • Anonymous

    Oh pour some Mountain Dew in the snow and eat it in front of people. It freaks people out. Of course they will think you are nasty until you prove to them it is Mountain Dew. True story

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