Check Out The First EVER Texture Pack For Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition!

How Cool!

We’re pleased to reveal the first ever Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition created by 4J Studios; the Plastic Texture Pack!

It’s simple, colourful and vibrant. We think it’s a calming transformation to the look of your worlds. We hope you like what you see. We’ll get you news on pricing and release date as soon as we can, but it won’t be long…

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  • Matthew Timms

    This looks sweet, hopefully glass will be more seethrough.

  • Paulo Ricardo Tebet

    oh my god that’s amazing

    • Sacred5010

      Are you dumb?

      • Paulo Ricardo Tebet


  • munky191

    Looks great, refreshingly simple :D

    • Sacred5010

      That’s sad.. I would like to know why you can’t see.. Those screenshots are ugly.

  • http://www.pathofdestruction.us/forums Xtowers

    Very cool, guys!

    • Sacred5010

      Cool? Hm.. Not really.

  • Blastem

    What’s the release date for this?

  • sonnie

    it look’s better than the mass effect 3 mash-up pack sorry 4j

    • Sacred5010

      Default is better than hte Mass Effect 3 Mash-Up Pack.

  • Wes

    Lazy, Simple and just plain Terrible. You guys have just made the Grass green? GIve us a texture pack that we can use in Survival and that look good to the eye. This Texture pack looks like something used in BETA when Mojang 1st created the game and werent worried about how the game looked. Utter Dissapointment

    • Rman Eightythree

      At least it exists, I’m sure they didn’t spend time on it. They’re probably just trying to test it and make sure it works.

      • Sacred5010

        Wow testing will make them a lot of money, since they are making us pay for it..

        • Rman Eightythree

          Well, would you rather never have any MCX360 Texture Packs?

    • Pantseater

      You do realize that the beta textures are pretty much exactly the same as they are now, right? Also these kinds of textures are very appealing to some people. If you want good graphics, go play Cod or something, nobody wants you here anyway.

      • Sacred5010

        Appealing to people that don’t have a good enough PC to play on a real texture/resource pack.

        • JacobMorris

          This is for Xbox 360, not PC. -.-

    • guest

      they do so much for us, and this is how you talk about them.

      • Sacred5010

        They don’t do a thing.

      • Wes

        Like take 4-5 Months to make us an Update with 1 or 2 Mentionable things Added in each one? Or maybe the fact that they give us Skin packs with the Same Generic Skins over and over again? ooooo ooooo i know you mean the fact that they get lazy and make a De-graded texture pack from the Origional as you can see on this Very page?

    • kire25spartan

      to Wes
      dude, why do you need to trash on 4j, they try there hardest to get us as much as possible in as little as possible. lay off them, I for one love it a long with the rest of minecraft players.

      • Sacred5010

        Have you not played PC..

      • Wes

        I understand what your Saying Kire but there are people on PC Minecraft who put alot more work into theyre Texture packs and dont charge a Penny for it. The fact that 4J release this…..Crap….And than charge us for it, Is Highway Robbery at its best. And please stop Denying it. You Cringed a little bit when you saw that 1st screenshot. I understand you 4J Fanboys have to Protect 4J but us Casual Gamers who look from outside of the Box can see that this is pure shit.

        • lonestar

          You got that right

    • kire25spartan

      by the way, id like to see you do better.

      • Sacred5010

        I’m sure a lot of people can do better.

    • Sacred5010

      It’s completely true Wes, I mean ffs… 4J is making us pay like $10 for a piece of crap texture pack like that.. I mean I can get any texture pack for FREE on PC.. This is why I won’t ever play Minecraft on the Xbox ever again..


        I doubt they will charge $10, the mash up back was less than $5 and you get much more with the mash up packs…

      • Sacred5010 (dickhead leach)

        They are not making you do shit…the price would be reasonable

      • JacobMorris

        Have you seen the MineCraft Xbox360 Mass Effect Texture pack they made? I doubt it since you’re angry about nothing.

    • Julian Sazo

      no its awesome seeing something new to the eye. this isnt pc get used to it. we dont get the super realistic packs. we get the unreal ones thats amazing

  • Wes

    4J are doing Minecraft like George Lucas did to Star Wars. Please let Walt Disney take over from them or send a damn Team from Mojang to help them out. For love of everything that is good

    • Jim bob Joe

      Don’t you dare say George Lucas ruined Star Wars, He invented it, Disney most likely will screw it up

      • Vega

        He created it, did good with it for awhile, then ass raped it, plain and simple…Star Wars is dead and if JJ can’t revivie it, it’s gonna stay dead.

  • Cosmos

    Looks like the OCD texure pack

    • KickYourFaceIn5

      not really

    • HerobrineKillah GamingHD

      yea it does

  • Trey

    Reminds me of the Halo minecraft wars texture pack for the comp

  • bigeazy

    definite no buy for me this just looks horrible. not a single block looks good they all look idiotic.

    • Rman Eightythree

      At least it exists, I’m sure they didn’t spend time on it. They’re probably just trying to test it and make sure it works.

      • lonestar

        Oh test a piece of CRAP!!!

        • Rman Eightythree

          4J Is a game developing company, they aren’t artists.

    • Sacred5010

      I know, I want the OCD pack !!! And Sphax.

      • TheRealHerobrin

        they will have they’re time eventually, 4J is currently working out the legal issues with it right now

  • Flame

    Please make a connected textures texture pack, if possible.

    • Rman Eightythree

      Connected textures is a mod, and they probably won’t add connected textures to the game.

  • Minecraft X-box news

    this looks so cool from my X- box 360

  • LAG with 4j studios minecraft

    It’s crap, no textures for most mobs.

  • Charmader
  • Charlie Armstrong

    Looks epic, I wanna know the release date!

  • Bob


  • Reidco CEO

    Love it. All the guys are gonna be getting it as soon as it comes out

  • button-pusher—

    alright, now get your legal department off its a$$ and get us SphaxBDcraft (BDcraft.net) …. it’s been over a year, we want to pay for it…. get on with it…

    • Sacred5010

      Why the bloody hell would I pay for Sphax when it’s free on PC.

      • Paulo Ricardo Tebet

        because it’s for minecraft xbox and sphax is better than the plastic texture

  • Forsythia

    I love this look, nice, clean and simple! I’m using a simple texture pack on PC as well, so I’m glad one is finally coming to the 360 version!

    • Sacred5010

      Because you can’t run something that’s more than 16×16.

  • Sacred5010

    Ugly, no hate just the truth.

  • eckosoldier

    Looks cool, can’t wait for release <3

  • zombieringo

    I can’t help thinking that the screenshot at the top looks pretty similar to the image for Minecraft in the games library, similar place as well, i.e. rail looks the same + cow in the same place on top on the hill http://i2.cdnds.net/12/10/618×847/gaming_minecraft_xbox_gallery_1.jpg

  • Calichin

    They should make the Sphax texture pack :3

  • Roy Fitts Jr.

    its a good start better than nothing cant wait till the natural pack comes out

  • dfedgrwhyeyh

    nobody plays 2nd player on the same console but i do and the 2nd player cant look around nobody seems to be paying attention to this problem so im posting it on here. thanks

  • cupcake77

    why do the cheap out on these things hell the made the game and they suck at improving it compared to the moders on pc i see hell they need to hire them to make the texture pack if anyone wants to know dont buy the mass effect pack it looks like shit come on mojong ask your fans and buyers what they want

    • Wes

      4J never made the game, they just Ported it onto the Xbox 360 Console. If i was a high ranking member at Mojang and saw what 4J Studios was doing to this game, I would have stepped in by now and Hired a new team. Not only are they what i would Deem one of The lazyest Gaming compays standing right now but they are also responisble for all the shit Skin packs and Title Updates we get. We wait 4-5 Months for a Title update with 2 things in it worth Mentioning.

      • DemolitionMan

        listen to yourself….stop complaining…

  • Julian Sazo

    at least we have have minecraft for xbox people

  • Ethan

    At least we got a texture pack any way there making sure it works

  • http://www.xbox-united.com/ Scratch

    It doesn’t look too bad. I’m excited for more.

  • TheBlackazure .

    i like it

  • Tyler

    What is the release date for this texture pack?

  • HerobrineKillah GamingHD

    I’m not hating but its not the best texture pack

  • lol

    All of you are just spoiled. They have to make a profit off of this. Plus, they work with Microsoft. Of course it costs money. Can everyone just be a little more considerate that they even did this?

  • xXCreeperXx

    whats the release date?

  • wyattrevell

    Exactly what Blastem said?!

  • anthony valentin



    I like this texture pack. 4J will have more, so calm down and stop posting negative comments. They work hard enough. You guys should be thankful! At least they made texture packs for us! :)
    Be happy!

  • MineHoleSVK

    Its nice but its free or pay

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