Breaking News! Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 2 Launching On Friday!

The second pack of  themed Minecraft: Xbox 360 August 24th! Just like the first skin pack  there will be a total of 45 skins and at the great price of only 160 MSP!!  Click Read More to check out a complete list and screenshot gallery of the skins we’ve revealed so far! Stay tuned for the remaining 9 secret skins reveal announcement posting tomorrow!


Don’t forget to post which skins(s) is your favorite in the comments below or the PlayXBLA Minecraft:Xbox 360 Edition forums!


  • Tommy

    Awwww, I thought they were updating to 1.8.2 on friday =(

    • TheBadster

      the update will not be out until september 14th if u look at mojangs twitter

      • kornwhyser

        implying mojang has anything to do with the xbox version of minecraft

  • losgarcias

    Awesome! Cant wait!

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Buster Wolf

    And will be handed out as an Achievement Challenge prize on Monday!

  • phyromen


  • http://twitter.com/xbox_Rik_U_K xbox rik u k

    no pocket money for me again this week :)

  • http://twitter.com/TheInfectedHunt Matthew Massacre

    I already know about the other 9 ;)
    They were leaked earlier this week.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.jacobs.501 Brandon Jacobs

    now give us release date for update 1.8.2!

    • Blizzard498

      Dont be such a whiny person and be patient

    • cody

      dude its wensday or thursday

      • david

        Are you sure its an official release date

        • Javier

          4j studios said that we are many weeks away from 1.8.2 :l

      • minecraft troller

        well its thursday and its not realeased that i know of its at the end of augast

    • Guy


      • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.ballard2 Joseph Ballard

        i know you right

    • james

      been hearing the 28th, but cant find a confirming article from 4jstudios

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.ballard2 Joseph Ballard

      there never will be it comes when it comes but i really think it will come out at lunchtime on 24th august

      • tictac

        well it’s the 24th skin pack 2 is out but no 1.8.2 update

  • http://twitter.com/mecart El mecartistrónico

    Jet Force Gemini!

  • H4xiS

    In one of your texture packs could you try and include Ryu from street fighter. I would love that so much.

  • Evan

    The release for 1.8.2 probably wont be until mid September because they have allot of work to do!!!!!

  • Gary

    We need a batman skin

    • Jack


  • Quintin Frazee

    Now onto the release date for the 1.8.2 update please

    • http://twitter.com/MasterID94 Joshua Graham

      your the only guy which said please lol

  • http://twitter.com/MasterID94 Joshua Graham

    read more does’nt work and i cant see the full list

  • Cow

    I know they probably couldn’t create them due to copyright issues. But man would I love some League of Legends skins.

  • RhysyBoi

    Iv seen the other 9 skins…. Its the enderman – a spider a sheep a pig and a sheard sheep =)

    • http://twitter.com/DoubleX2318 Kaleb Staudohar

      how did you see them?

    • Minecraftdood101

      those are the secret skins??? ohhhhhhhhh so thats y the picture of that isnt on here hmm…. ok =)

  • Troy Norton

    It would be cool if they made a Firefighter skin.

  • Jaiden Perry

    WE NEED A PRE-RELEASE OF 1.8.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WarninU

      how many people are going to keep asking about this… they have said already that they DON’T KNOW WHEN IT WILL BE RELEASED. Do they have to say it a million times. Be glad you even have the game period.They didn’t have to take the time to put it on xbox for you guys, and now your trying to rush them on something that takes time to prepare. Just wait like everyone else, you won’t die.

      • jahmirthelost

        yea its about time someone understands

        • Guy

          I agree, “I want this,I want that” i want the update too people but I know that there isn’t a release date 4j studios are doing great for running the updates so DONT RUSH THEM!!!

  • Dxhxdgcydgdchgcdhd

    Assassins creed skins

  • jnonsel7

    i want a tntman

  • XvNovaxCraftvX

    The 1.8.2 update will be august 24 becuse they have a enderman skin in the skin pack 2 so it has to have the 1.8.2 update.

    • Brandon

      Ummmm, no. There has yet to be a release date, and 4J Studios also said they are still hard at work with the update. No release date set or known.

    • STFU XvNovaxCraftwX

      No, 4J said that there are still many weeks until the 1.8.2 update, just because there’s an enderman skin, doesn’t mean there are going to be enderman in the game.

    • mario

      so true

  • Kevin K.

    The 9 “Secret” Skins are Pig, Sheep, Sheared Sheep, Endermen, Spider -Minecraft. The Knights from Castle Crashers.

  • 1.8.3 now

    1.8.2 release date please

  • Seth

    ow do people know that the 9 secret skins have an enderman, and that?

  • seth

    how do people know what the secret skins are?

  • kornwhyser

    I think that it’s funny how people whine and complain about how they want 1.8.2, yet when that update comes out, they’ll play it for about 3-4 days and then start complaining about wanting the next update. Be happy with what you have and the updates will come when they come. Stop being impatient, 4JStudios has said there are still many /WEEKS/ until the 1.8.2 is done and ready to be pushed out, so stop your crying and wait, like everyone else has to do.

    • Quin

      Actually I’m really looking forward to the next, not the one next of the next. Creative Mode will keep me busy, there is going to be Superflat World Type as well and.. it’s just an high anticipated feature. Really can’t wait for 1.8.2, but, like the rest, I will just sit there and waiting to be released :3 My own anticipations are around end of September. Think that’s reasonable :)

  • kornwhyser


  • Aren

    This is awesome, but 1.8.2 will be better!

  • Me

    i want black guy

    • war

      steve is a black guy u can use him :3

  • yan

    will there be new achievements because I heard something about a bow and a skeleton could someone tell me please

    • Guy

      Yeah that true

  • war

    no one knows when 1.8.2 will be released so stop whining about 1.8.2 and be patient and if someone else says they know when its going to come out there a liar when 4j has a release date they will most likely tell us on twitter or facebook

  • Barlg

    I see a Gemini Force skin pack within the Skin Pack2! Hell ya :D

  • K2LU

    Yea, 1.8.2 wont be out till most likely early september

  • JakeJ15

    People, people. 4J are already making 1.8.2 update now but it takes a long time due to converting everything into a console from the PC, calm your picks ;)

  • Jack

    cool, they look awesome!

  • jahmirthelost

    lol these girl skins look hot

  • XvNovaxCraftvX

    1.8.2 should be with the skin pack 2

  • Henrique

    Artists do the skin packs, and programmers are working on the update

  • Henrique

    They sad: ”
    We’re working on the 1.8.2 update, and deciding what to bring forward from 1.9 and beyond. Many weeks of work to do yet, so not out soon.”

  • Urgayanduknoit

    You that don’t kno the programmers work on the update and the artists work on the skins it’s not like they are stopping the work of the update for the skins they still work on it while the skins r being made and don’t expect a release date for 1.8 and additional feature update for another two weeks so stop spamming twitter and YouTube and shit because it’s annoying

  • war


  • Dolan

    I wish this game wasn’t a big advertisement for Indie arcade games. I want some original skins.

  • hi675445 yt

    nothing here for me i like doctor who skins :( this is where they will make the money they will never stop making skins i will not be buying no more i got my zombe skin i love and will use foreaver

  • anosedsj

    Are we going to to beable to create our own skins???

    • minecraftrocks

      You probably won’t because of copyright and some people make inappropriate skins too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.ballard2 Joseph Ballard

      no its legal ishuse

  • dealyzz

    we need a poo skin

  • krosstech

    to be honest, idc about this skin pack. 4J needs to release the 1.8.2 update. i know they are working on it but they need to start working around the clock or something because THIS FEELS LIKE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Minecraftdood101

    enderman skin is my fav!!! cant wait!!

  • http://twitter.com/DoubleX2318 Kaleb Staudohar

    Get super heroes in there like spiderman, batman, superman.

    • http://twitter.com/LeivaJrsyaero Kevin Leiva

      And the ninja turtles!!

  • s_master2

    they should make a starfox skin

  • That1GuyWhoIsPostingComments

    my fav is spelunky, meatboy, and all the other skins!

  • Isai

    I’m thinking the 1.8 will come out soon since they are putting an ender man skin in this

  • poopman XD

    can we have some street fighter skins plz :)

  • gabriel

    Two words MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nathan

    i know the 5 skins its spider, enderman, pigman ,sheep and sheared sheep !

  • nathan
  • Reader

    i would rather the spend the effort on the update 1.8.3 instead of these crappy skin packs. lets get the full game out before making more money off of us

  • oMR So NINJAo

    Fallout 3 skins

  • chxlky

    anyone want to play minecraft on the xbox my gamertag is XBL DeziiRe

  • Creeper_Joe

    Skin pack 2 is awful!

  • hotshot891

    can we have release date for 1.8.2 cuz im lovin the skin pack 2 so it would be better to have the update flying

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