Breaking News! Happy Wars Will Offer Free Online Battles For All Xbox LIVE Gold Members!

Happy Wars is a large-scale multiplayer action game that canbe enjoyed by up to 30 players in online battle. With an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, the game can be downloaded for free. Join with players from around the world in exciting castle siege and magic spell battle action for madcap free-for-all battles in fantasy world settings.  Buy lavishly rendered items at the Item Shop etc. for your character to flaunt your originality on the field of valor.Happy Wars will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade in Autumn, 2012 as a free download for all Xbox LIVE Gold Members. Click Read More to check out a gallery of all new screenshots, gameplay trailer, and features! 

Happy Wars Main Features: 

 Download and enjoy the game for free with your Xbox Live Gold Membership.
 Team work is the key to victory in online play. Turn the course of battle through powerful Team Skills you can launch with your team mates!
 Customize your character using items obtained in the game. You can also combine items to increase their power!
 In addition to online competitions, you can also enjoy cooperative play with team mates to fight a quirky troop of bots, or individually work your way through missions in the single-player campaign mode.
 Regular releases of even more items and character customization parts are planned following release of the game.

At PAX Prime 2012 from August 31 (Friday) through September 2 (Sunday) in Seattle, Washington, Happy Wars will be available to play on game kiosks at the Microsoft booth.
Promotion videos for the game are now viewable at the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and on the Toylogic Channel on YouTube. Have a look and sample the zany, large-scale battle action that is the Happy Wars game!

All New Happy Wars!

  • Turtle

    I am begging you guys, will you please give us a release date already lol. Autumn is so vague according to some were already in Autumn so ??!#$! lol Im so eager to play it, but I love you guys, I understand your enjoyment of being mysterious.

    • http://twitter.com/Navarin Buster Wolf

      I’m just pleased they said Autumn instead of “Fall”.

  • Adrian Bolstridge

    It’s nice that there’s a new Free game for XBLA after what seems like forever since those Doritos games. I’ll assume there will be microtransactions to support the title, but I don’t mind so long as they are optional.

  • http://duseldesign.com/ Josh Dusel

    count me in.

  • vdh360

    Whaaaaaat? Really? That’s really nice, I was looking forward to this game but now I’m surprised while
    looking forward to this game.

  • Anonymous

    Great news!! I can’t wait to check Happy Wars!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Bring on the Free To Play titles!

  • http://twitter.com/Double_O_Slevin Seth Ward

    That’s pretty cool. But will all of the achievements be obtainable without purchasing any of the add-ons?

    • James

      game is completely free mind you they might have a cash shop or something to puchase items and costumes for your character, but im pretty sure any add-ons they come out with

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Buster Wolf

    Hmm… okay, I’ll bite. I’ll give the game a go, but let’s hope “free to play” doesn’t translate into “pay to win”.

    Still, makes a change from freemium games that aren’t free. Looking at you, Dungeon Fighter.

  • K.Y. Parsons

    This is great. It looks like a great game. Can’t wait to battle >=D

  • http://www.facebook.com/finlay.field Finlay Field

    Oh dude, this is exclusive, and it’s coming out sometime in the next couple of months… Microsoft said all their first party games would include Smartglass functionality, so I wonder what this will have. Maybe you could swap out skills and gear through the app without having to mess around onscreen with the controller while fighting…

  • Widzee

    I’m buzzing for this game man I can’t wait to own some people! Watch out for ReMx LaDzZ

  • http://twitter.com/litepink360 anna


  • http://www.facebook.com/XxGio112233 Giovanni Neto

    i want to know will this game be avalible in Brazil pls say yes i been waiting for so long so pls can somebody answer me pls

  • http://twitter.com/A_Soggy_Rat Damian D

    I was really looking forward to this game, but now I’m not 100% sure. It’s worrying that this will just become “pay to win”, and most of the microtransaction features will be stuff that gives you a huge advantage. I wouldn’t blame the devs for doing that because it’s obviously very profitable, but it’d be a shame to see what looks to be a brilliant game end up that way.

  • Anonymous

    I think the micro-transactions will only offer customisable clothes and stuff. It seems you can customise your character.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DoomTheDevil Ahmed Fadhel Al-khuzaie

    this looks epic

  • http://bu3ouf91.tumblr.com/ Abdulrahman Albadwawi

    bad game

    • Anonymous

      Bad name.

      No really. You have “bad” in your name.

      • http://bu3ouf91.tumblr.com/ Abdulrahman Albadwawi

        Geez, who are you, I’ve just shared my opinion so just STFU asshole.

        • Maxi

          He is right! .. you do have ”bad” in your name hahaha

        • Anonymous

          It wasn’t an insult.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharb8 Guillermo Hernandez


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Garchow/1810966758 John Garchow

    This game is so funny!!! I love it!!! The only downside is that its going to have a cash store

  • http://www.facebook.com/haribo2009 Shane Mckue Kovacs

    Great Game But It Takes For Ever To Find An Online Match And The Way Your Forced To Play Online Before Your Able To Progress Through The Campaign Is A Horrible Feature.

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