Exclusive: Bloodforge Combat Detailed

As promised here’s more exclusive new info on the gruesome combat Climax is prepping for Bloodforge!!! Find out the true meaning of Rage Kill and Fomorian Tank from Bloodforge Producer Murray Andrews by clicking Read More!











Everything you see in the trailer you can do in the game. The moves you see, and the kills that occur, are player initiated during combat. When fighting as Crom you’ll definitely be able to employ these devastating attacks. In fact, it’s the basis of our combat system, the brutality and rage that engulfs Crom is up close and in your face. After all, it’s fun to chop people in half! Kill moves are a massive part of Bloodforge — Crom can kill each enemy in a number of different and vicious ways. It’s all about the brutality, the blood, the carnage – all that good stuff that your grandma will hate. But it’s not just blood for bloods sake – we want to get across the ferocity of Crom’s world and the life he led, and has been drawn back into. But it’s got to be fun too, all that Blood spilt has got to go somewhere. Yielding Blood is at the core of the combat challenge, Blood has been woven into the combat experience rewarding skilled players who manage to slice and dice their foes in the most devastating ways. The meaner you are the bloodier things get, and the gods love a good sacrifice. Click on the thumbnails to see a devastating series of stills.

The Kill moves you see are bespoke moves that can be made by the player on an enemy once you have put them into a weakened state. It’s a cool payoff to dispatch an enemy with these kill moves! Chopping off someone’s head or slicing an enemy in half never gets old.  It’s constant fun, and keeps the blood coming. To complement our kill moves, we also have Rage Kills. Like kill moves these are brutal and fierce ways to kill enemies. Slightly more extreme, these are tied into a key element of our game which surrounds the collection of blood (there’s that blood obsession again), and can only be triggered during a special combat feature called Berserk. Crom wouldn’t be much of a Celtic warrior if he couldn’t go Berserk now would he! If you didn’t click on the thumbnails before, you better do it now!

Fomorian Tank:

The enemies you see in the trailer are part of the Fomorian Clan, a dangerous race of people, who attack and torture all those that oppose them – they’re not nice chaps at all. They are ruled by their champion warrior and King, Guardian of the Bloodforge – Balor, who you’ll meet in the game.  Like everything in Bloodforge, the Fomorians are based on ancient Celtic mythology.The Fomorian Tank is a huge and dangerous opponent that you will meet early on in the game.  Whilst he may seem slow and lumbering he is a formidable enemy, especially when he is backed up by his smaller Warriors.


We’ll have more on Bloodforge in the coming weeks and months, but it’s already shaping up super great huh?


  • http://twitter.com/PopsRamjet Roger Carpenter

    More blood please

  • http://twitter.com/aka_Scratch Scratch

    The guy on the cover looks mysteriously like he’s from Overlord. I think that’s the game I’m thinking of.

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