Bloodforge Exclusive!

You’ve seen the sweet Bloodforge trailer right? Well, Climax Studios Producer Murray Andrews was cool enough to spare a few minutes to share some insights about the super-stylized (not to mention bloody) action title that Microsoft Studios is publishing for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Click Read More to hear the gory details from Mr. Andrews himself…



The Setting
The goal of Bloodforge was always to be a mature and brutal experience, so both the style and setting had to compliment this core brief. We’re not that into elves and wizards here so we wanted to steer clear of all that nonsense — no dragons or imps or magical staffs, (although if you could use that staff to gauge out the eyeballs from a Formorian’s skull, then maybe that’ll be OK).

A Celtic Period offered us a unique and fresh take we hadn’t seen in this genre, and it also meant we could geek out on all the legend and lore to draw upon for both gameplay and narrative inspiration. A dark, graphic novel style and tone seemed increasingly befitting as the concept started to take shape, Slaine and Dark Spawn being key influences for us.


Realizing the 2D graphic novel look within a 3D interactive world was a challenge. We developed a strong, unique, menacing look (now synonymous with Blood forge) through clever use of composition, lighting and silhouette. The Environments present scenes of epic scale, or massacre and torture that help ground the player in Croms very dark, almost surreal world. These relatively stark and violent scenes create the perfect backdrop for our brutal, visceral combat system; a great playground for Crom to cause his mayhem and destruction.







Check back tomorrow to read more the blog covering the combat in Bloodforge! *Spoiler alert* There’s words like Ragekills and Tankshot involved!

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