Battle & Beasts Skin Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Coming This Wednesday, May 8th!


For 160 MSP, you can play Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in style with these awesome Battle & Beasts skins! Lions, warriors, gladiators, and more are up for grabs so get ready because this skin pack is releasing this Wednesday, May 8th! Here’s the latest editions to the skin pack and be sure to click Read More to check out all of the skins!



BattleAndBeasts (2)





  • http://twitter.com/VinylCraze1 Jose Cabrera

    Cant wait to pick this up around what time will it be available PST

    • http://twitter.com/XGamerGoneWildX Anthony Medeiros

      2 Am PST

  • The Twit

    Mix and match!!!!

  • alan

    If Syndicate ever plays minecraft xbox I know which skin he’ll use…

    • http://twitter.com/XGamerGoneWildX Anthony Medeiros

      The Baboon!? XD Just playing :)

  • Steve

    As usual, no decent female skins….

    • DemolitionMan

      why does it matter???

    • http://twitter.com/Hotaru99 Hotaru Tomoe

      A gladiatrix, Cowgirl, Native American woman and a woman in fancy red armor. I’d say they gave us girls quite a bit.

  • Stalemate

    “be sure to click Read More to check out all of the skins!” and yet they forgot to hyperlink it….

  • Melchor

    finally!!! i want to make the scene thiiss iiiiss spaaartaaa!!!!, and the battle of assassins creed 3

  • Wesley Kirby-Hirst

    Are there any Aztec skins?

  • Mycelium

    Who are the people with Mr. Enderman and Cave Spider PSY?

  • http://www.facebook.com/gonzalo.heredia.75 Gonz Heredia

    Wow! estan algo raros !

  • http://www.facebook.com/gonzalo.heredia.75 Gonz Heredia

    Alguno habla español y es bn chingos como yo! ??

    • rulogamer

      si yo mira mi mensaje es el de arriba

  • caquita seca


  • Tany


  • Manolo

    And the texture packs?

  • Epicgoomby

    Once again, I would only wear one skin out of this skin pack.

  • rulogamer

    si eres español y te gusta minecraft xbox360 edition mira a mi youtuber favori be gameplays, glitches, mapas de aventuras proximas actualizaciones , acaba de empezar una serie de crafteadores de mitos y mucho mas mira su canal denle like si os gusto sub para mas videos , un saludito y hasta luego

  • the legend

    cool but why is their a cake on the back on every skin? i know his celebration but when will it be removed just to know?

  • mkp improvedor

    chido minecraft xbox 360

  • angel

    bengo aqui por gona xD

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