Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Coming This Wednesday!

SkinPackBattleAndBeasts2_DashArt1800Last week we announced the follow up to the first Battle and Beasts Skin Pack, Battle and Beasts Skin Pack 2! Today we have more exciting details to share…

You can grab this Skin Pack on Wednesday, October 9th for $1.99 / €1.89 / £1.29! 

Click here to check out all the screenshots!

  • SonaaR

    TU14… Where u at ?!

    • theConstruct

      Patients, The more time they spend on it, the better it will be.

      • pie240

        Look at TU12 then say that

        • Sven

          It was great, but many reasons it could have taken so long. Main reason: Mojang made them delay it so they could announce minecraft for Playstation and not have a TU distracting viewers from seeing their announcement…and they we’re probably spending time working on the Mass Effect world.

        • theConstruct

          Case in point.TU12 was rushed.

        • Mycelium

          Sometimes there is things that SEEM really small but actually take a long time to code and make.

    • Reidco CEO

      You don’t need to worry about TU 14, TU 13 was released last week, meaning that it will be a couple months before anything is mentioned about TU 14

    • scot

      Hey don’t rush them look they take the time to add updates and that made the game they should not be rushed wait have pashent ok

  • eckoxsoldier

    More than the previous texturepack that is a surprise, either way it’s the best skin pack in my opinion can’t wait.

    • Hessman67

      Skin pack 4 was better in my opinion

      • scot

        Mmm true I agree

  • Wes

    The Price of a Skin Pack has Doubled? Work out how Much £1.29 is in Microsoft points. Converted to US Dollars its around $4-$4.50 Which i believe is Equal To almost 500 Microsoft Points. Thats a big leap From 80 Microsoft Points to almost 500 Microsoft points per Skin Pack. I foresaw this.

    • Andrew

      dumbass it obviously says $1.99 at the top

      • Sven

        400MSP=5$ 80MSP=1$ therefor 160MSP=2$. every 80MSP is 1 dollar

    • Name

      The other skin packs except the Festive one were 160MSP, which equals roughly £1.29, so you are overreacting and not making sense in the process. :)

    • Mycelium

      I think you need to redo the math…;)

    • Wes is a cry baby

      damn wes. You always talk shit about how bad the game is and how much of a rip-off it is. really bro. I’ve seen you doing this for months. If a buck is too much for ya get a new job. And if ya don’t want to pay go play PC minecraft then ya jackass. . .

      • Wes

        u mad bro?

  • Mycelium

    No one can use the squid! He’s MINE. 8|

  • MC Mods

    I think TU14 will be based on the pretty scary update :) here’s why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxdNyR0tu5I

  • Ärmätèsz

    Still kind of hoping they add like the vault dweller or such from the fallout games or add things from the elder scrolls series in… then I would def buy a skin pack :3 same as for adding those texture packs

    • Cuboidal Apple

      Or maybe a Fallout Mash Up Pack, with a Vault 101 world? ;)

      • Ärmätèsz

        I totally agree… would rock

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