Assassins, Gears, and Ninjas in Skin Pack 4 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition!


There’s even more skins to be had for Skin Pack 4 coming soon to the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition! Check out the new skins featuring Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, and Mark of the Ninja by clicking Read More to view the screenshots and be sure to stay tuned to PlayXBLA as we’ll have more news on Skin Pack 4!







  • http://twitter.com/Doky9889 Doky9889 | Luke

    NICE! btw first. I will have video on this for tomorrow my channel is Doky9889 :D

  • derper69

    can’t wait to be connee

    • http://www.facebook.com/Fuk.Da.System Blaze Ratu

      Poo! More like *can’t wait to be Ezio!*

  • Steve

    When is it coming out???

  • derper69


    • http://twitter.com/SharkBoltGames Shark Bolt


      • terk durk


  • http://www.thesteampunkraygun.com/ Allen Gore

    Probably Friday. The last few updates/skin packs came out then. Also, when 4J started to tweet about their packs a lot they came out just a few days after…and tomorrow would be a few days after!!!
    Don’t know for sure, just a hunch.

  • chezee cheze

    This looks boss

  • Legion8008

    I want The Walking Dead game skins.

    • EpicSlayer072

      What about the show?

  • lira15

    epic relese date!!!!

  • catchblade07

    those assassins creed skins are AMAZING!

    • cole

      yes they are

  • http://twitter.com/frozenpenquin sandy cook

    i want a chicken skin

  • hi

    I want a butter man skin.

  • http://twitter.com/Anthony97155174 Anthony

    skyrim pls?

  • thebutterguy

    hey thats cool


    not bad so far.

  • AGirl 22

    Can you ask 4J to include more Girl Skins

  • Minecraft Builder

    If Anyone wants to have fun on Minecraft send me a message my Gamertag is DeLuX x KiLLzZz

  • Sam Licata

    Can we have a avengers skin pack?

  • joseph houston

    skydoesminecraft share this so 4j can see it

  • yogscast lewis

    when will they get our skins?

    • Yogscast Simon

      What do you mean YOUR skins? Is it ’cause you’re name is Yogscast Lewis? Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone except those 5 people who rated up your comment.

      • lumps.


        • Yogscast Duncan

          Actually he used “you’re” correctly….dumbass.

          • XMadJesterX

            “Is it ’cause you’re name is Yogcast Lewis” doesn’t seem correct. I always thought “you’re” was a contraction of “you are”.

          • bob

            You are name is Lewis? WRONG. And gud engrish

        • Cooked Porkchops


      • :D

        Besides, simon is much cooler than lewis. :P

  • http://twitter.com/TruisticFrame Truistic Frame


  • LBO facts

    what we need Is @Fallout Skins!: Super Mutants, Feral Ghouls, Raider, Brotherhood steel palidin, Enclave Officer, Waste lander, Vault Boy and Vault Girl we should get a Skyrim skins to like: Knajiit, Orc, WhiteRun Gaurd, Argonian, Nord, and or add some midevil skins to. It woud be nice to have a FEW dishonored Skins, and Some Crysis Skins

  • http://twitter.com/Kevin6388 Kevin R

    smoke bomb i love the new ninja skin

  • LBO facts

    This is a List OF TEXTURE PACKS i would like to see:

    1>) Comic Book Texture Pack(makes things Look similar to old fashion and classical- kinda like boarderlands)

    2>) Worn Texture Pack: Makes things look worn out and very old and ruined and etc

    3>) Future Texture Pack: Makes it look futuristic like Halo, Tron or etc

    4>) MidEvil Texture Pack: Makes things look like Midevil and 1700′s

    5>) Modern Texture Pack: makes things look like more modern(mc default texture pack is not modern is a mixture)

    6>) Creepy Texture Pack: Makes things look errie and mobs all look strange or etc and blocks look creepy and etc ect

    7>) Summer Texture Pack: makes things look like certain summer objects: sticks could look like little spades for digging etc, bottles of water looks like plastic cups or glass’s

    this was my wish list i tryed to have texture packs that would fit all types of games, you can agree, disagree or even add to the list or build etc but tell these to 4j!

  • george

    Why does there eyebrows for ac look mad or large?

    • terk durk

      thats the point of their hood not eyebrows

    • Ubisoft Developer

      That’s the shadow of the hood. Not their eyebrows.

    • GTA R0CKS

      It acctualy is neither of those, he sees their real eyebrows and thinks his pupils are a part of them.

  • Rj

    The borderlands characters are coming too such as claptrap mordici think I miss spelled that Lilith brick and I think Roland

  • cole

    i am pumped for skin pack 4

  • Nicolas

    I want Bioshock Skins!!!!

  • Johnny

    How about a c.o.d skin pack

  • Minecraftpoopbiscut

    You notice the screenshot showing the gravel (the ninja screenshot) has the original texture for gravel. In TU9, gravel is getting a new texture. Does this mean Skin Pack 4 comes before TU9?

    • MrMPixels

      wow i didnt see that good eye!

  • Sheandog

    It’s Ezio! Ezio Auditore!

  • Disarmed_Fire

    What is that ninja skin from?

  • JTorres23

    Where are the super heroes at?

  • http://twitter.com/frozenpenquin sandy cook

    i still want a chicken skin

  • crafter456

    does any one else notice the cape on ezio?

  • snEEko Double E

    the assassins creed ones…look at the one in the middle…it has..A CAPE!!

  • minecraft is dope XD

    wee need more girl skins and assassins creed skis less face

  • Jedi Spartac227

    More Halo, Star Wars and Batman Skins

  • Honeydew


  • Doctor Testificate GC

    Simon, you need to get back to Yoglabs, NOW! Those space bacteria samples from the Galacticraft mod have gotten loose, they ate their way through 5 layers of obsidian!!

    • Honeydew

      Giant, obsidian eating space worms… I think Lewis is better suited for this job!

      • Xephos

        Bloody hell.

  • Mycelium

    I thought that the ninja in skin pack 2 was better.

  • SkankyPineapple

    Still no Mass Effect skins :(

    • Steve

      Dragon Age and Mass Effect are both made by Bioware, so if they got permission to use Dragon Age skins, maybe there will be some Mass Effect skins somewhere.

  • pumalegit


  • MDragon98

    I wish they would make the skins look like the best ones on PC, the assassins look really bad…

    • http://www.facebook.com/orion.skrzypiec.7 Orion Skrzypiec

      on PC any body can make their own skin insted of buying them like on Xbox

  • Matteo_1998


  • sky blue

    i want the walking dead!!

  • Jakeey177

    who thinks that they should put power rangers skins in ? and maybe teenage mutant ninja turtles ? xD

  • Tristan

    What’s the ‘Mark of the ninja’? O.o

  • Jack

    Will the halo skins be in the demo please

  • Skydoesminecraft

    Will there be ninjago skins I want the butter ninja

  • Skydoesminecraft

    I want my skin watch my videos I’m skydoesminecraft

  • Skydoesminecraft

    Butter is majestic

  • jh


  • 0tBaNaNaZ

    why dont xbox have free skins coz pc does and i cant blame 4j studios coz your in charge with the price

  • http://twitter.com/MCXBLANews Adam From MCXBLANews


  • http://twitter.com/MetalCrosbie william crosbie

    yeeessssssssss assasins creed skin i have been saying to my friends that you should make them and you did and i already made a map for it!!!!!!!!

  • E.T.

    Can you make a animal skin pack (like a wolf, fox, things like that) after this one perhaps?

  • William

    I like their choices, but i want
    TU9 first!

  • jiaf234

    The thing i dislike about the AC skins are the faces… WAY too similar. Ezio looks fine, but altiar and connor don’t look like they should.

  • Gussern

    Yes AC skins! :D

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