Ascend: Hand of Kul Crusade Spells

ffAlong with alignment-specific spells, Crusade Spells can be used to turn the tide of battle. In Ascend: Hand of Kul, players can cast these spells to help or hinder both friends and foes.

Crusade Spells split into two categories: Blessings and Curses. When used, Blessings will aid your friends in ways such as increasing their defensive stats or by aiding them in combat. Curses on the other hand can deter your enemies by slowing down their movement, by decreasing their health, or by sending vicious Spirit Hounds into their world. Click Read More for more details!

Here are a couple examples of Crusade Spells that you’ll find in Ascend:



Banish – All Alignments


Banish is a useful Curse that every class will have access to. Casting this upon another player will open portals between the two worlds, and your surrounding enemies will be sucked into their game. The player applying this Curse will be granted both Crusade points and Souls based off how effective Banish was in battle.



Fury – Dark


Fury is an attack buff powered by the God of Dark that can be placed upon other players. Although only lasting a short duration, this buff will significantly increase the Caos’ attack damage and is ideal for helping any friend battling a boss!



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