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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is the premier free-to-play team-based action MMO dedicated to armored combat on gaming consoles. Since its arrival on PC in 2010, World of Tanks has been producing epic battles featuring historically accurate armored vehicles from all over the globe — now it’s bringing that excitement to the Xbox 360. Come experience what it’s like to drive a multi-ton cannon-equipped behemoth into combat.

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Massive Team Battles

Massive Team Battles

While every player behind the controls dreams of becoming an ace tanker, single handedly saving the day, it’s only through teamwork that you and your allies will prevail. Up to 30 tanks at a time, split into two teams, will be vying for supremacy on over 10 highly detailed maps. Hold up your end of the bargain and your allies will work with you to coordinate an unstoppable assault against your enemies!

 Upgrade and Customize Your Tanks

Upgrade and Customize Your Tanks

Start in the tiny, but tough, tier I vehicles and work your way up to the pinnacle of armored engineering at tier VIII. Upgrade your guns, turrets, engines, and other equipment to turn your already formidable fighting machine into a true powerhouse. Experience combat in over 100 different tanks, each with their own unique strengths and play styles.

 Multiple Game Modes

Multiple Game Modes

World of Tanks features three distinct game modes: Standard, Encounter, and Assault. Standard battles are intense capture scenarios where both teams attempt to secure the opposing base. Encounter battles offer only one base to capture, and both teams will fight tooth and nail to possess it. Assault mode will provide a pitched battle between attackers and the defenders during a single-base engagement.

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    Why does everyone keep calling this an MMO?

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    Because it is….. MMO Massively Multiplayer Online…

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