Miscellaneous Minecraft Code Challenge! *Now Closed-Updated With The Winning Entries!*

Alright kids! Today’s first round of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition codes are ready to be won! This challenge will be a bit different from the previous rounds so pay close attention to the news rules! All people express love in their own unique way, including their love of Minecraft! This challenge is all about highlighting all the unique ways people celebrate their Minecraft love! Love is also known as a force that breaks all the rules, so with the exception of  standard guidelines, this challenge has no rules!  All you have to do is submit what you feel best represents your love of Minecraft! The greatest part about this challenge is we’re not setting a cap on how many people can win!!! The codes will be awarded to the entries that standout for their unique and creative qualities! The submissions will be judged by members of the XBLA team to ensure a varied perspective, please remember this all for fun :). The duration of this challenge will last a total of three hours. There will be another code challenge later today if this isn’t your cup of tea, or don’t win this round.  Submit your entries by emailing PlayXBLA@Microsoft.com! The rules and times are broken down below for easy reference, enjoy!

*Challenge is now closed - Updated With The Winning Entries!* 






>Contest length – 11:00 AM PST – 1:00 PM PST

> The most unique and thoughtful CUSTOM CREATED representations of your Minecraft love will win a Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition code

The ENTRY MUST BE must be created by you, not pulled from the inter-webz

>Submit your answers to PlayXBLA@Microsoft.com

>Have Fun! If you don’t win this round there’s another challenge posting later today!


Minecraft Poems

Chipping the blocks away
Wasting my time away
Minecraft is here to stay
Loving the time we play

Creepers come in the night
Giving everyone a fright
You try to put up a fight
Testing all your might

Morning comes around
Blocks all over the ground
Back underground
Weary of the sound

Zombies attack
You try to fight back
Up to the surface
To place blocks that are worthless

And if that poem fails…..
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love minecraft….
….Don’t you?


A world full of cubes

But just one I truly love

Oh Companion Cube



So you want an example of my love for Minecraft? How about the fact that I can’t even practice my love for poetry without beginning to mutter Minecraft to myself? I’ve slowly started to use it in the same manner that Smurf’s use the word Smurf! Look at one I tried to write today… It didn’t turn out so hot!

Ladybird, ladybird, Minecraft away home,
Your house is on fire, your children all Minecraft,
All but one, and her name is Ann,
And she Minecrafted under the pudding pan.

I mean, it doesn’t even bloody make any sense! I’ve Minecrafted everything to get my mind off of this new obsession, but nothing minecrafts!

Minecraft is unique in it’s own way because of the artistic value. I love building and letting my mind wonder on random ideas, some that don’t seem realistic at the time. Then you get lost hours upon hours like you’re building stuff that was addicting as rollercoaster tycoon. I’m getting ready to go into respiratory care due to my sister that has cf and downs and she loves the screaming of “ah zombies” in any game, including the 8 bit zombies. were zombie nuts here, and it’s really been a great experience with her on the trial version, now I’d love to go out and explore further into the game and let the creativeness flow.

Hey folks

I don’t have any fancy drawings or other media to show the love for Minecraft as I’m at work and entering this in hopes to win a code for my 13 year old son Jacub.

My son has been playing video games since he was 4. We are a gaming family (my wife even plays with us) and most of his spare time is spent on his xbox.
That was until he asked me to buy him Minecraft. I never thought I would see the day when he says “na, I don’t want to play on my xbox”.
It a pixilated version of crack, he can’t stop playing. He loves it and says it’s the best game evar!
Yesterday he came to me and gave me a big hug then looked at me with his best puppy dog eyes asked me if I could get him the xbox version. It made me laugh but sadly I had to tell him not right now (too many bills to pay).
If I’m lucky enough to get a code, you should know you’ll be making a 13 year old boy the happiest kid on the street (well he is happy now so happier I guess, lol).
Thanks for your time

What I love about Minecraft is that you can do absolutely anything.

Say you want to do really something really cool, but you can’t because you don’t have the ability to craft blocks, build swords, teleporters, food, etc. in reality.

But, you can do so in Minecraft. In Minecraft, your imagination is the limit. Literally, if you have ever wanted to re-create the Titanic, and live in it, now you can. All you have to do is build a replica of the Titanic in Minecraft.

Another reason as to why Minecraft is so cool, is because you get to share all of the fun experiences with your friends. I hear that you can have up to 8 players in a Minecraft world on Xbox LIVE. They can join you, in your world, or you can join them, in their world. I’ve got many friends that haven’t played Minecraft before, and I know they’ll love it, but they’re skeptical about purchasing it. I don’t have the money to purchase the game, but they do. The problem is, they don’t know if the game is worth the Microsoft points. But, if I do get the code for Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition, I’ll be able to show my friends the amazing gameplay that the game withholds, and I’m sure I can get them to purchase the game, and play it with me! I’ll tell them all of the cool stuff that they can do in it, and they’ll want to purchase it right away, I’m sure!

I’ve only played Minecraft on the PC once, because my PC can’t handle the game. If I could get Minecraft for my Xbox 360, I’d be extremely happy and would be playing it all day long! I’ve always wanted to build a huge city, such as New York City. I’ve also wanted to make large underground secret tunnels, and homes. When I played Minecraft on the PC, it was in an extremely early release, so there wasn’t really any crafting, enemies, animals, etc. I’ve heard about all of the improvements in the updates, and would really like to jump back into playing Minecraft, but I can’t because my PC can’t handle the game.

If I get the code for Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition, I’ll be able to get my friends to join the game right away, and we can start an adventure together. We can build homes, dig tunnels, fight against zombies and creepers, and build many other crazy creations; but most of all, we can have fun. Like I said, the user’s imagination is the limit in Minecraft, and thankfully, I’ve got quite a good imagination.

In classroom

(me on my phone)

Teacher: Put your phone away!

Me: Hold on, I’m trying to win a minecraft xbla code!

Teacher: NOW!

Me: No, the contest is still going on!

Teacher: Listen to me or I’ll give you a referral!

Me: YES, I WON!!!

(class starts clapping)

Teacher: QUITE DOWN!!!

(I run out of the classroom)

Me: (screaming) I WON! I WON! I WON!

(run out of the school and go home)

Parents: aren’t you supposed to be in school?!

Me: Minecraft’s wayyy more important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe what best represents my love for Minecraft is my love to create from scratch as an artist with a creative mind – which is the main concept of Minecraft – take the most basic of materials, and turn them into whatever your mind comes up with, with no limits!

My love for Minecraft is simple and pure,
It has no resemblance to the smell of manure,
A world of imagination,
Ripe with investigation,
You can explore the depths or the fields so vast,
Hoping that feeling will forever last,
You’re chopping for wood, you’re mining for rock,
The time just flows by, you don’t look at the clock,
You explore in the sunlight or the dark of night,
Everything seems scary when you have no light,
And when you least expect it, you hear a sound in your head,
A zombie shows up and bam you’re dead.

I wish for this game to be in my collection,
I must empfasize my heartfelt affection.

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  • http://uniltiranyu.tumblr.com Brendan Crawford

    Man, I suck at English

    >Tries anyway

  • Anonymous

    Trying to send my entry now, don’t end it yet!

    • Anonymous

      Entry sent! *Phew*

  • http://twitter.com/garrett0024 Michael Garrett

    I sent mine in but wanted to do so much more but my stupid mac is acting up so much right now! It keeps saying zero bytes left, any mac users ever have this problem?

  • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

    I sent mine at 3:59 i spent an hour cuz of hotmail and it sent just in the nick of time!!!! Fingers Crossed!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Mr. Knife

    Second time’s the charm!

  • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

    Really i sent it in time it was so cool i made a steve helmet and i didnt win that was my last chance…please if you see this PlayXBLA please look at mine i put so much effort….

    my email was doc_914@hotmail.com!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/redcon redcon

    I hope my email got there in time for my entry to count! It was down to the wire, clicked send at 1:00PST on the nose!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t see my picture posted, but thanks for the code, PlayXBLA!

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Mr. Knife

    Wow, a Michael Jackson paedophile joke? That’s in poor taste.

    I mean come on he’s not even wearing his zombie outfit from Thriller.

  • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

    Please XBLA ive been trying for three days pleaseeee….

  • http://twitter.com/redcon redcon

    It seemed like they already had all the winners picked by the time the contest ended, so us last-to-submits never had a chance! :( Hopefully I’ll have better luck and not take so long making or doing whatever’s up next….

  • http://twitter.com/VictorLizcano77 Victor Lizcano

    Yay! I won, congratulations to the winners :-)

  • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

    i know i sent mine in right before it closed and didn’t win my submission was really cool too.

    • http://twitter.com/redcon redcon

      Yeah I kinda liked mine too. Took me almost the entire contest to think of and make it, submitted it at 1:00 on the nose.

      • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

        this is like the fifth one that i have entered just on this site not to mention the million other sites i tried winning a code on…

        • http://twitter.com/redcon redcon

          I feel your pain…. There is still one more contest here, don’t lose hope!

          • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

            Thanks man

  • Anonymous

    Good gravy! All these people won? Sheesh.

    Stupid work.

    Oh well, congratulations to the winners.

  • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

    I didnt even photoshop a steve head i made one..and i still didnt win… :(

    • http://twitter.com/bcfcforever1000 J

      did you get a code?

      • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

        No… :(

        • http://twitter.com/bcfcforever1000 J

          direct message me on twitter and irll send you my spare code.

          • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

            really man…ok im sending message now

          • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

            i tweeted you it says for me to dm you, you have to be following me…?

          • http://twitter.com/bcfcforever1000 J

            sent it to you pal on twitter via direct message!

          • Anonymous

            ^Sweet story!

          • http://twitter.com/bcfcforever1000 J

            yeah i don’t mind just won on this so iv’e got a spare code.

          • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

            ok im following you so you should be able to dm it wont let me dm you it says you can only dm people who follow you?

          • http://twitter.com/DillenDocherty Dillen Docherty

            Thanks soooo much man ur awesome!!!

          • http://uniltiranyu.tumblr.com Brendan Crawford

            This man deserves a prize

          • http://twitter.com/bcfcforever1000 J

            just happy to help mate:)

  • misc

    WooHoo! My poem won!

  • http://twitter.com/RandomAlec Alec

    Thanks you SO MUCH Play XBLA!

    <3 Forever grateful

  • http://uniltiranyu.tumblr.com Brendan Crawford

    I got a notice saying my email was delayed by an hour :(

    That brought me outside the submission times

    Thought is was a cool answer though


    Oh crap…(again) i participed is this 3 days of mineraft challenges an i didnt won D: My hrd works wih my draw and i dont won… Well contragts to the winners!

  • http://uniltiranyu.tumblr.com Brendan Crawford

    Minecraft and Me

    Still a better love story than twilight

  • Anonymous

    Alex, the code you gave me for winning this challenge was already redeemed.

  • http://twitter.com/VDH360 Vladimir Ljubetic

    Closed before the ending time, that sucks. But maybe my pic wasn’t that good… at least I didn’t pull it from the Inter-webz…

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