Announcing Karaoke for Xbox 360! Bring the Fun of Singing Home!

Microsoft Studios and The KARAOKE Channel have collaborated on a new entertainment service for  Xbox LIVE, “Karaoke” for Xbox 360! The KARAOKE Channel will draw on its leading expertise in the karaoke business to provide Xbox LIVE members with streaming of a complete library of karaoke songs, further enriching the unique experience Xbox 360 owners already enjoy. With a library of over 8,000 songs including the latest hits and golden oldies, in top genres like Pop, Rock, Country, R&B/Hip-Hop and more, there will be songs for everyone in the family to enjoy. Start warming up those vocal cords now folks because this exciting new way to enjoy Karaoke will be available soon and just in time for the holiday season! Click Read More to check out the official Press Release from The KARAOKE Channel, gameplay details, and screenshots! 

Stay tuned for more details on launch, gameplay, tips and tricks, plus much, much, more posting soon!

Official Stingray Music USA Inc.- The KARAOKE Channel Press Release:

The KARAOKE Channel, a property of Stingray Music USA Inc., an affiliate of the innovative Montreal-based provider of multi-platform music services Stingray Digital Group Inc., today announced their collaboration on “Karaoke” for Xbox 360, an exciting new entertainment service that will be available for download through Xbox LIVE in time for the holidays.

“As the owner of the world’s largest licensed karaoke library and karaoke service on TV and Internet, the KARAOKE Channel will combine its expertise with the advanced capabilities of the Xbox 360 platform from Microsoft to develop the best in-home karaoke experience ever,” says Eric Boyko, President and CEO of Stingray Digital Group Inc. “Now anyone can access our vast library and sing in a fun and interactive way right from their Xbox.”

“Karaoke” for Xbox 360 is simply fun

“Karaoke” for Xbox 360 is easy to launch and makes it easy to sing. Karaoke fans will sing along to scrolling lyrics on screen while their avatar performs the song on stage with a full complement of stage props, backup band and an adoring audience. The more songs are sung and poses struck, the more moola, props, fans and fun are earned as achievements are awarded.

Songs don’t require downloading; they play immediately via streaming for a robust karaoke experience. To keep the party going, songs can be queued via the top navigation through search, browse or SmartGlass integration, which connects a tablet or mobile device to the Xbox 360 console. Songs can be added to Favorites so they’re super-easy to find, or can be found through the History list to sing them over and over again. Other options include key change and a lead vocal track to help sing less familiar songs. To access all of the features, an Xbox 360 Headset, Xbox Wireless Microphone or an Xbox 360 compatible USB microphone is required.

Available on Xbox LIVE in time for the holidays, “Karaoke” for Xbox 360 will have a selection of free sample songs that will change frequently. Full access to the entire library is available for blocks of 2, 6 or 24 hours by redeeming Microsoft Points. Songs are added to the library on a regular basis as they are produced and licensed, giving everyone a great reason to launch The KARAOKE Channel on Xbox LIVE to discover new songs to sing.

Screenshot Gallery:


About The KARAOKE Channel:
The KARAOKE Channel, with a library of thousands of professional quality karaoke songs, has been spreading the fun of karaoke on TV, as a video on demand service available in more than 55 million homes worldwide, online, with The KARAOKE Channel ONLINE community and download store, and as a mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch and Android. For more information, visit thekaraokechannel.com

About Stingray Digital Group Inc.:

Stingray Digital Group Inc. is the leading multi-platform music service provider in the world, with more than 75 million subscribers in 56 different countries. Its properties include:

• Galaxie, the leading digital music service on TV in Canada and in the US (www.galaxie.ca);
• The KARAOKE Channel, the world’s largest licensed karaoke library and karaoke service on TV and Internet (www.thekaraokechannel.com);
• Music Choice Europe, the leading digital music service on TV in Europe and Africa (www.musicchoiceinternational.com);
• Concert TV, a video-on-demand service distributed to 45 million homes in the US and in Canada (www.concerttv.com);
• Stingray360, a leader in sensorial marketing solutions for businesses (www.stingray360.com);
• Stingray Music, music licensing for film, television, advertising and other (www.stingray-music.com).

  • CovertBazinga

    Pretty excited about this! Any details on pricing for the blocked out hours?

  • http://neonepiphany.com/ Eden

    First of all , there is a “karaoke channel?” But actually, this sounds like a neat idea. I’d be at a karaoke box with my friends all the time if they weren’t all a million miles away.

  • http://twitter.com/ilRadd ilRadd

    Interesting concept, like renting a Karaoke machine for a party or get-together.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda weird no Kinect support was mentioned. Before reading I was almost certain it was going to be Kinect-only.

    • http://neonepiphany.com/ Eden

      Since the Kinect can essentially emulate a headset, it’s supported. But I’m guessing you meant gesture support? (I’m just happy my Lips microphones will work!)

      • Anonymous

        Actually I meant voice support. With all that Kinect promotion, I find it quite strange why it was not even mentioned if it is supported.

        • http://neonepiphany.com/ Eden

          Voice support in basic menuing scenarios is actually commonplace enough that some people don’t mention it. I don’t have any idea whether that’s true here though. Other than that, I’m not sure what else it would have — with a vast catalog of songs voice search is hard without a sophisticated service on the back end, and it can’t do recognition of singing voice so I don’t think you could leverage it for scoring purposes.

  • http://twitter.com/crunchewy Crunchewy

    At first I was pretty disappointed it will be a rental service, in effect. Then again I suppose that isn’t too bad as you can just get it for parties and not pay for a full price game. It depends on the pricing.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to seem like a fanboy but I honestly don’t see this as more appealing than the PS3 offering Singstar. No doubt there’s a lot in favor of this game like since you don’t own the songs permanently the selection will be greater. The model works good for single time users (i.e. birthday parties, special events). But the subscription based model never took off for music and I don’t think it will take off here. That said the special events should be enough to keep them in business for a while. I’m sure the xbox community could use a decent Karaoke game and Lip’s “Bring your own music” model was just never really going to work.

    • http://neonepiphany.com/ Eden

      The key will really have to be the size of the catalog. If it’s vast, like what I would get if I went to the local karaoke box, then that would be the compelling difference.

      They say they have an iOS product — anyone know how many songs are available on it?

      • Anonymous

        To be fair since you’ll be ‘renting’ the songs I’m sure it’ll be much much easier to get the licensing. Singstar has like 1-2 thousand songs if I remember. I’m sure this will have 4 times that easily. Also another big factor I forgot is that they don’t show the actual music video. They’ll be showing your avatar it seems and so THAT makes the licensing easier too. Very much so. I honestly don’t see any reason why they won’t have pretty much everything. Esp if MSoft actually tries to put money behind them and make this a thing.

      • InfernoShade

        It says right in the first paragraph “with a library of over 8,000 songs”. Did you just read the title?

        • Anonymous

          yes I’m sure Eden saw the 8,000 songs. I’ll assume that and point out that 8,000 songs isn’t necessarily a lot. Singstar does service a wide range of tastes and locations so that means a lot of songs in other languages. I’m happy for all those french and german people but those are all songs that mean nothing to me. Don’t want ‘em, can’t sing ‘em. 8,000 sounds like a number that blows SS’s 1100 (in NA) list out of the water but if that includes an (unlikely) equal number of songs in other languages like German, French, Spanish, and Portugese that could cut down call it half so while 4k>1.1k it’s not the same as 8k>1.1k.

          Again also we can’t know the quality of those songs. Does it includes a reggae selection? is it vast? does it include screw jams? these are things that for the ‘average’ user would cut the song list but do serve a niche audience. 8,000 is an impressive number and I truly think the library will be impressive but until we see it.. we can’t /known/

  • http://twitter.com/Navarin Bennijin

    Sounds bloody awful, but then it’s not made for me so yeah.

  • http://twitter.com/FixedNeedTest FNT

    I wonder if I have enough bandwidth for streaming the songs…

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.r.meth Chris RockBottom Meth

    It’s going to be re-recorded songs in the “style” of the original artist. The Karaoke Channel takes USD 4.95 for 48-hours of unlimited fun and USD 59.95 per year. That gives a hint of the price range.

  • Guest

    Does anyone know if the Rock Band microphone will work with this?

  • http://twitter.com/TrinaryOC CJ Kjellman

    Does anyone know if the Rock Band microphone will work with this?

    • Anonymous

      no reason it shouldn’t. especially on the xbox. isn’t the rockband mic just a USB mic? There’s no way they’re going to have ‘special’ mics so any old plain USB mic should be compatible. I’d put money on it.. big money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OKFutureVoiceTalent Oliver Kong

    All my friends are going to really enjoy this. I must notify them about this at once.

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