Get The Skinny On Steve’s New Look! – Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 1.7.3 Title Update Details!

Gimme some skin, Steve!!! Ok…bad joke… How about I make up for it by easing the sting of my terrible puns with some rad Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition update news?! The highly anticipated release of the  1.7.3 Title Update will be full of amazing new features. One of those is the addition of custom skins for Steve! First up, this means you will now be able to choose among the 8 Steve skins that are in the game by default. We’re also going to be releasing the first Skin Pack DLC around the same time. This will give peeps who purchase the pack more than 40 additional cool skins to choose from! If you want to try before you buy that’s cool too, there will be a trial version of this Skin Pack, enabling you to use some skins for free and letting you see all the other skins available. But what skins are in the pack? They’re not Steves. There are a bunch of cool original skins, but also some based on other games’ characters too! Click Read More to find out all the details and to check out the screenshots!


Some of the skin themes that will be available in the new update:
–> Creeper Man
–> ‘Splosion Man
–> Trials Man
–> Covenant Grunt
–> King


Q: Will the same two people in a game be able to have the same skins? For example what if I join my friend’s world as Tennis Steve and he has Tennis Steve on too?

A: Yes, we won’t change your skin choice just because someone else has the same one.

Q: Are there even more skins coming in the future?

A: Yes, but we’re not saying which at this time. We’re not even telling you all 40 skins in this pack at this time!

Q: Am I now forgiven for my terrible joke?

A: Of course, all of my jokes are amazing and awesome, my Mom just said so.


Post which skin is your favorite in the comments section below or in the forums!

1.7.3_Shot Pack1_Shot1 Pack1_Shot2 Pack1_Shot3 Pack1_Shot4 Pack1_Shot5 Skinpackshots


Discuss this post in the forums:

  • http://twitter.com/Thrashballer Jalen

    Pretty cool update. :)

    Hopefully Master Chief or Marcus Fenix will be included too.

  • http://twitter.com/xSe1fMadex Se1f Made

    Sweet first also i like the king

  • The Dude

    When will this be?

  • Minecraftian

    Can we look at the other 35?

  • http://www.facebook.com/portoricankitten Mery Ann Medina

    when when when when when???

    • Anonymous

      We’ll announce as soon as we know the date for sure. We wish we could say when we *think* it will ship, but we don’t want to disappoint anyone if the date changes.

    • sans gluten

      Based on what 4J is tweeting – I’m guessing it will at least be 1-2 weeks.

      @4jstudios: The 1.7.3 update will be going into Microsoft Cert Test today. Can take up to 10 days for the test.

  • Anonymous

    Fun addition to Minecraft!

    Yeah for ‘Splosion Man skin!

  • MIke


  • http://twitter.com/CaptainLawlit CaptainLawlit


    • http://twitter.com/zingrook zingrook

      Buy the game on PC: create your own skins, texture packs, and animated textures, or download texture packs created by other players, all for no more than the cost of admission ($26.95 US.) I own both the PC version and the Xbox version. I now play Minecraft exclusively on my PC, until such a time as the Xbox version is in parity with the PC version. I’m waiting…

      Find me on Twitter, Xbox, Raptr, and Minecraft @zingrook

      • Big bob

        Erm… No.

  • http://www.facebook.com/portoricankitten Mery Ann Medina

    i like the creeper the most of these five but i want GIRL skins! lol

    • Alka

      so you can whore in the digital world as well?

      • http://twitter.com/mandrews_uk Mark Andrews

        What an idiotic response. Really, do you actually think that’s funny or are you just mentally defective or both?

  • dj xeriox01

    when the hell will this be released? i want pistens!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.green.585559 Tom Green

    can you get cookie monster ?

  • Anonymous

    I generally avoid consmetic DLC, but if this isn’t terribly expensive, I might have to get it solely for the ‘Splosion Man skin.

    • http://twitter.com/presidente_vil Andrés Salgado

      If you want Splosion Man skin, then is your lucky day, it is going to be free along with the other 4 skins

      • Derp

        Its not going to be free. Also, there are 35 other skins with the DLC

  • Jamie

    I need a release date like right now!!! Also pumped to play as the Grunt!

  • gamerz68

    Wait WE HAVE TO PAY :(

  • CoolBurger

    Will there be any video trailers for this update?

  • http://twitter.com/phoopipe Tony G

    Trials guy !!

  • Nate

    Can’t even make our own skins?
    Instead, we get 8 for free and can get more by BUYING 40 more?
    What is this?!?!?
    Why do they think that because we play Minecraft on a console, they can take advantage of us?

  • darkshade

    can you make a herobrine skin and is he really in this game

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Joyner/755270445 David Joyner

      Notch has said on numerous occasions (even in the past month on Twitter) that there is NO version of Herobrine in ANY MInecraft game. Now as far as a skin, I don’t know; but he’s not a component of the regular game.

  • darkshade

    and how much does it cost also can you make a enderman skin

  • Anonymous

    Ok… These are pretty rad but I really want to see a Castle Crashers knight skin. That and maybe a skin of Sonic. He would move faster of course.

  • fovz

    Female skins?

  • Spencer


  • DemonstarAdZz

    It would be great if we downloaded skins off the internet that is coming to xbox and use them on our minecraft world

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.rose.1829405 Michael Rose

    i have a question dont be like notch and mess with me is there a herobrine or going to be one and you should make a herobrine skin so i can mess with my friends and we should be able to make our on skins by making the skin then copy the url to a site and type in you gamer tag then its there

  • SchwaduDuPeedle

    We seriously have to pay? This is ridiculous. I would rather buy a skin editor or something. I can’t below we actually have to pay for skins.

    • SchwaduDuPeedle

      Stupid autocorrect.

    • Derp

      Why not pay for 40 skins? It couldn’t be that much points anyway.

  • http://twitter.com/MrHawkeye1996 MrHawkeye1996

    This is going to be epic.

  • big bubba

    wow pay just wow

  • big bubba

    i think we should get it free because they promised us so much more liers

    • CoolBurger

      No they are not liters, the said they would get as much free as possible, you’re ungrateful. Is it not enough that all updates are free, they don’t even have to make the for you at all you wanker

      • Chief

        Which games do you have that you have to pay for updates? LOL fail

  • Harry c

    We have to pay???? Looks like my PC will be back on the

  • Danno

    Thats Microsoft making us pay, Mojang would never make us pay for skins… All Microsoft care about is money, money, money.

    • Monk

      Yeah, Mojang would never pay for skins because they are all community created.

  • kevin8500

    What is your best guess on when this will be released,not an official one,just a guess.

  • Sgt Poseidon

    They should have made to where you can download skins from a server where you can upload skins. I wouldn’t mind paying for it… but then again people and their nude skins lol.

  • Forest Gump

    will this pack cost money?? because of course on the PC it’s free…. it’d be criminal to earn money of f**king skins !

    • Wraith


  • shadow730

    u should let us customize our skins for free cuz my friend can do that on the computer version!!!

  • Monk

    I’m just wondering if there is going to be a message that lets us choose our own skins either ingame or on the Main Menu.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noah-Seal/100000523880778 Noah Seal

    we want to make are own! this is madness! Bill Gates: Madness, this is Microsoft!

  • CoolBurger

    Shut up you ungrateful brats, be glad you get the update for free and decided that they would give free skins, it’s better then nothing and if you want it like the pc the go play it there

  • http://twitter.com/mecart El mecartistrónico

    Who cares about the skins?? I see some pistons there in the 5th screenshot! Yay!!!!

  • DashwoodFifa10

    my favorite skin is the Trials Man :). I can’t believe that we have to pay 4 these skins :’) , but i hope next skin pack would be free :). Please 4j studios, we want the skin pack to be free, PLEASE!

    • Derp

      Theres 40 skins, if you didn’t read it, I’d say its worth paying a few points for 40 skins

  • zymply

    if they make it cost money atleast make it cost very little mp

    • DashwoodFifa10


  • http://twitter.com/HardCor3Gam3r1 Jeremy Allen

    splosion man looks like a dick with legs lmao

  • ExplodingTrujillo

    GRRRR why do they make us pay on xbox but not on pc

  • Berhd

    There putting in hard work to get our stuff done.
    Why wouldn’t they make us pay?
    It’ll probably be 80-160 Microsoft Points…

  • Zack

    They probably come with achievements..If you like the idea of paying then simply don’t pay for it. It comes with 40 skins! not just these 5.

    • zack

      if you dont*

  • http://twitter.com/_C92_ Sam Cherry.
  • http://twitter.com/ZombieCreeperUK Ryan

    Umm it say’s Click Read More but i can’t seem to find where it is im meant to click it. Anyways i like the look of the creeper and king skins so far but have no clue what the others look like lol wahhhhh :D

  • dylan

    skins are ok but what i cant wait for is mods put into dlc

  • Miner


  • sans gluten

    Out of these 5 I like the Creeper Man. Can’t wait to see the other 35.


    They have to pay wages to there staff to make content and they’ve made a great game even greater and still doing so, so stop complaining about having to pay for stuff and start showing your support by happily contributing to minecrafts development which makes the game we all love so great.

  • Steve

    Do we have to pay?

  • http://www.facebook.com/CookEmonster1 John Cook

    we want servers.

  • lazerman595

    Of course microsoft found a way to make more money off us. I’ll be suprised if we don’t have to pay for the update it’s self. I am very displeased with this.

  • Unknown

    How much will this DLC be? (cost)

  • Unknown

    And will there be female skins?

  • Anonymous

    Neat, As a Halo fan I like the Grunt. I am a big Trials fan too though.

  • LordMao

    Skins are nice and nothing is priceless. 4J Studios doing their jobs so money has to come from somewhere. But for real something like skins or whatever will be like 40-120 Microsoft Points which is nothing lol.. You all should be glad that Microsoft granted Minecraft the early updates all priceless cause its additional game content. I would like to see your faces if you have to pay 800+ Points for every “new” stuff. And for PC Version its completely different cause there is an open program base. You can add lot of stuff like skins, mods, plugins and graphicstuff.

    Pay for the stuff and games which are worth to pay for. I play Minecraft now nearly as long as a MMORPG and Minecraft is a “cheap” game to buy with good long time potential ^^ So long

  • Dylan

    Make a skin editor! please…

  • http://twitter.com/MasterID94 Joshua Graham

    OMG 1.8 lighting update too yes this is ace its still a shame that we cant create our own skins but atleast the skins are not gay and rubbish creeper man FTW.

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